Discover how to advertise your brand easily in The Sandbox Metaverse with the Love in Paris experience.

Love in Paris was part of the French Week Event on The Sandbox during 23rd of march 2023 to 6th April 2023.

In 2 weeks, it is more than 25 000 players from all over the planet that take part to this cultural adventure in Paris for an average of 20mn of engagement per player.

The Sandbox offered us the possibility to continue the adventure till 31st of May 2023. So the game is still live and you can play it, right now !!

In September, we will publish the new version of our game with the new features available in the new Game Maker V0.8. If you have loved our game, you will adore the new version !

But now we offer you the opportunity to deploy your brands in our experience LOVE IN PARIS. This is the link where you can find a PDF with all the opportunities of Advertise in our Metaverse Game !

So don’t hesitate to contact us, you won’t regret !
Talk to you soon.

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